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Content Marketing Training

Advanced Content Marketing Training at PPChamp

PPCChamp is Chandigarh based digital marketing company which helps students, entrepreneurs, marketers, agencies, and enterprise teams to change their careers, lives, and businesses by providing the industry’s most comprehensive digital marketing training.

Content marketing training in Chandigarh

Become an expert in content marketing. Master various aspects of planning and executing content marketing strategies to create impressive content with greater efficiency and impact.

 Learn how to do marketing online- Boost website traffic, generate potential leads & increase sales revenue with better brand awareness… just like experts and agencies do it.

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What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

About Content Marketing Training

This program is designed with an aim to provide students a 360-degree view of various practical and applicable aspects of marketing and brand management that includes understanding different types of markets, competition, buyer behavior and brand building.

A sound understanding of such fundamentals helps students appreciate concepts of segmentation, targeting, positioning differentiating, pricing and branding strategies which are necessary to design effective content marketing and branding strategies for the organization. The program concludes with sessions on integrated communication and digital marketing which are extremely relevant in the growing e-world.

Content Marketing Training Objectives

  • Developing your content marketing strategy
  • Leveraging your company’s existing content
  • Aligning your target audience with your content
  • Tools for Organizing Content
  • Creating the story you want to tell with your content
  • Identifying how to create your content differentiators and structure your content for the appropriate channel and audience
  • Creating a plan: how to promote your content marketing from a channel, a content asset, and frequency perspective
  • Tracking channels and tools of the trade
  • Why your current content marketing might be failing
  • Measuring success
  • Selling content marketing to the C-Suite

PPCChamp’s Content Marketing Traning Syllabus

Introduction to Content Marketing

  • A Content Marketing definition.
  • What it is and what it is not.
  • The Power of the Story

What is Content Marketing’s Goals?

  • Old vs. New Purchasing Funnel
  • Content Marketing and the new multichannel marketing funnel

What is Your Organizations Content Marketing Maturity?

  • An organizational self-assessment to get you started on a plan.
  • Are you standing still, walking, jogging or running?

Collecting and Organizing Your Content Inventory

What? Conducting a Content Audit- 4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1- Creating an inventory of your content
  • Step 2- Drilling down a little deeper
  • Step 3- Looking at your competitors
  • Step 4- How to “listen” and what tools to use

Who? Aligning your target audience with your content.

  • Creating personas. Humanizing your customer data
  • Developing a need state scenario for each persona
  • Delivering on the promise: right channel, right time, right message
  • How we obtain user preferences and tailoring content specific to them

When? Calendars

  • Managing your content plan with Master Calendar
  • Staying current with an editorial calendar
  • Setting a Publishing Schedule
  • Organizational ideas with other Calendars

Where? Content Management Systems

  • Managing Digital Content
  • Selecting a CMS
  • Benefits of a CMS
  • Key feature that your CMS should have
  • Trends in Content Management Systems

Producing and Placing Content Content Curation

  • Aggregating data from internal and external sources
  • How to add value to external content
  • Six Steps of Content Curation
  • Tools to assist you with Content Curation

Evergreen Content

  • Discovering “timeless” content
  • Evergreen content ideas
  • Why Evergreen content ranks so high

Story Telling and Story Structure

  • Framing your story
  • The importance of creating new and different stories
  • Identify your challenges
  • Creating an overall framework
  • Developing phases and stages
  • Goal setting for each phase
  • Determining the focus and desired outcome for each phase
  • Putting content into context

Creating a Channel Plan

  • How to get noticed in the content glut
  • Seven steps to deciding on a channel plan

Sharing Content

  • Encouraging content sharing for maximum reach
  • Tools by channel
  • Tracking Content Sharing

Making the Case for Content Measurement

  • Measuring the impact of your content marketing strategy
  • Building a compelling analytics pyramid that will sell your content marketing to the C-Suite
  • What your CEO cares about

Tracking Tools

  • The Components of Engagement and what to track
  • Tools for tracking engagement
  • E-mail tracking tools
  • Integrated Platforms

Why Your Current Content Marketing Might be Failing

  • Seven questions you need to ask about your company’s content strategy….AND
  • Seven solutions to overcome opposition or obstacles
  • Overcoming resistance

Some Tips for Continued Success

  • Building and engaging a content marketing team
  • Tapping internal resources
  • Getting the team going and keeping them moving
  • Outsourcing certain aspects

Who Should Join Content Marketing Traning?

  • Marketing managers & Sales Managers with revenue generation responsibilities
  • Young professionals who want to gain deeper understanding of marketing
  • Brand Managers responsible for managing the function

Eligibility Criteria for Content Marketing Traning?

  • For Indian Participants – Graduates (10+2+3) or Diploma Holders from a recognized university in any discipline.
  • For International Participants – Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country.
  • For Indian and International Participants – Interns/Working professionals.
  • For company-nominated candidates, the educational qualification criterion may be relaxed in cases where participants have prior experience in Marketing.

What do you gain after the Content Marketing Course?

After the completion of Content Marketing traning , you will find multiple career scopes.

– For Working Professionals

    • Open gates for multiple industries
    • Get a plethora of job opportunities in digital marketing industry
    • Skills and expertise for advanced career growth
    • Planning to start your own business? Get a wider reach with Digital marketing
    • Work as a part-time freelancer, make money online

– For Entrepreneurs

  • Generate more qualified business leads & convert into sales
  • Increase business revenue with an extra outlet for sales- online
  • Save up to 60% of advertising cost with online advertising
  • Track and measure your performance with 100% accuracy
  • Expand your business to a wider geographical area by marketing it online
  • Your competitors are getting customers online…. don’t get left behind

– Job Seekers

  • Improve your CV and apply for 4.5 L job opportunities available by the end of 2017
  • Get an edge over others by learning what others will learn later
  • Work part time as a freelancer along with your studies
  • Every 3rd person is on MBA. Get unique skills that guarantee success
  • Give companies extra reasons to hire you.
  • Earn commissions as on affiliate marketer

Why Choose PPCChamp for Content Marketing Traning in Chandigarh:


  • The first Digital marketing Company in Chandigarh, India to offer Digital Marketing Programs.
  • Since last 6 years, we have trained hundreds of professionals who are now working in Digital field and have established careers.
  • We offer our Digital courses for competitive fees, thus making it affordable for all.
  • Trained in many big organizations.
  • Our trainers are working Digital Marketing professionals in reputed organizations.
  • We train you through our interactive Webinars so in spite of your location and our trainer’s location, you can still opt for our courses.
  • We provide you real time case studies, course material and live project training during your course.
  • We provide you job assistance post your course with us.

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